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Last week we mentioned China’s devaluation and briefly noted the fall of the Chinese stock markets and its negative impact on Africa.

We pick up where we left off last week: This coming year the decline in global assets spurred by the slowing of China’s economy will be felt in most sub-Saharan countries.

The workshop was set off to discuss issues and challenges related to the prevailing regulatory and investment climate in the region,

Communique of theGreat Lakes Investment Climate Improvement Workshop Addis Ababa, 2 September 2015

A survey of prices of international grade hotels in selected major African cities, produced by hospitality research firm STR Global, ahead of the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF),

One of the topics to be discussed at the 2015 Africa Prosperity Conference is the trends in innovation and their implications for Africa’s economic renaissance.

For the second time in less than five years the Government of Ethiopia is considering issuing international bond to raise another billion or more…we don’t know.

The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) is a not for profit, non partisan business support organization established in 2009 by thirty five national chambers of commerce and industry associations in Africa to serve the entire continent.

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The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2009 by 35 founding national business chambers to influence government policy and create a better operating environment for business.

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