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The Single Window and Electronic Business Standards for Handling Import/Export

06 December 2016

The Single Window and Electronic Business Standards for Handling Import/Export- PACCI Workshop


The adoption of Single Window and electronic exchanges for handling import/export procedures and formalities is an innovative way to boost trade, efficiencies and increased revenue collection for governments.

Key Issues

  • Trade is a largely private sector activity. Trade facilitation should mean, at its most fundamental level, making trade easier.
  • Global supply chains are demanding more efficient government licensing and customs processes, together with faster, more efficient movement of goods through port and terminal operations to improve national import and export performance.
  • African governments have to find ways of putting into operation the collaborative efforts of all the parties involved in a nation's international trade activities, including the introduction and use of latest ICT techniques, international data and messaging standards for data exchange, in order to replace traditional paper-based information.
  • The management, or governance system, which oversees this major transition from paper and traditional business processes to electronics-based re-engineered system is the major challenge
  • The introduction and implementation of trade facilitation measures have entailed costs and challenges in one or more of the following areas: new regulation, institutional changes, training, equipment and infrastructure as well as awareness-raising and change management. Among cost components, equipment and infrastructure may often be the most expensive; however, training appears to be the most significant, as trade facilitation is primarily about changing border agencies' ways of doing business.
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