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International Workshop on Fighting the Illicit Trafficking of Fraudulent Medicines in Africa

12 May 2017
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Counterfeit medicines represent an enormous public health challenge. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can come across medicines seemingly packaged in the right way but which do not contain the correct ingredients and, in the worst-case scenario, may be filled with highly toxic substances. In some countries, this is a rare occurrence, in others, it is an everyday reality.

One of the most complex and challenging problems faced as a result of the globalization of health-care delivery is securing the integrity and safety of the global medicines supply chain. Dangerous forms of pharmaceuticals are illicitly sold by criminal elements and illegal transnational organizations creating patient safety and public health dangers that undermine public and private investments in health care.

Yet, despite recognized dangers to global public health, reports compiled by public and private stakeholders (including law enforcement, regulatory agencies, manufacturers, and customs officials) show that the scope, production, distribution and sales of substandard, spurious, falsely labeled, falsified, counterfeit medicines continues to increase.

In order to mobilize awareness and action in the fight against fake drugs, the Pan African Chamber of Commerce is organizing International workshop on “Fighting the Illicit Trafficking of Fraudulent Medicines in Africa” to discuss strategies and international collaboration aimed at combating counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

The International workshop is organized as part of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meetings consisting of: (i) the 5th General Session of the Africa Middle East Region (AMER), (ii) the 31st East and Southern Africa Division Annual Meeting, (iii) the 14th Annual Scientific Conference of International Association for Dental Research of Nigerian Division and (iv) the 12th Annual Meeting of the Ethiopian Association for Dental Research.

The objective of the International workshop is to:

  • Bring together key business partners to discuss and recommend ways of preventing the distribution  of Counterfeit drugs in Africa;
  • Identify and discus strategies used by leading pharmaceutical companies to combat counterfeit drugs and
  • Understand the impact of the proliferation of internet pharmacies on business and societies in Africa.

The meeting which is expected to attract some 200 participants from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US, will also provide participants with an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and facilitate the protection of citizens and improve the quality of an apparently deteriorating drug supply.

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